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Prague and Vienna in medium format

Hi all,

I didn't take many medium format pictures during the summer because I was hypnotized with my new Konica but I managed to fill 5 rolls including 2 color infrarred ones.

I like using several formats because you can take a break without having to stop taking pictures. At the end of the day I feel less tired if I have been taking pictures with both cameras than if I concentrate with one camera and one format. Maybe it's bad for the coherence of my work, but since I mainly photograph for fun I don't really care that much. Every camera has it's own tempo and style. But enough gear talk and let's jump to the photographs.

The rolleiflex is perfect to direct people. Everybody thinks that I'm some kind of professional and they let me direct them without any hesitation. :)

These guys were particularly difficult to direct... they kept dancing all the time. (Vienna)

On the other hand this couple was really happy that I wanted to take their picture. (Vienna)

If anyone out there is using color infrarred film be careful with windows!! They sometimes have an infrarred coating which will make your frames almost completely black. FAIL! I managed to save some information with photoshop but the shadows are just gone. (Vienna)

Here you can see hoy it is supposed to look like. (Prague)

I just noticed that almos all MF pictures are from Vienna and almost all 35mm ones are from Prague. :)

Hope you enjoyed. See you soon.

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Gert Jan Hermus dijo...

Very nice blog post! I like your work :-)

Warm greetings from the Netherlands,

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