lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012


Hi all,

this summer has been a journey of self-acceptance and change at the same time. At some point I started being bored of my own photography style, which was mainly really calm images with medium format camera, and started trying new things. First I tried going in the "slow" direction and began trying large format but it didn't quite felt right. Then I picked up a small 35mm camera and the world was just right again. Since then I have been trying to use my large format equipment some more so I decided to take it out on the streets.

  This was the crew I went with and in the background you can see my LF camera
We did some LF portraits to warm up
Here he looks like an ex-convict, but he is a super lovely guy
 After the warm-up phase we started asking random people if they wanted model for us.
 It all went really nice and motivated me to take my camera out more. Maybe at some point I do like Joel Meyerowitz and just do street photography like a boss.
 In the mean time I was trying to reproduce the style I tried in Korea. This really direct portrait style which I actually love.
 The good thing about it, is that you really get to talk to people.

 Since your face is camera-free you are always open for conversation. Actually sometimes I try to convince people to let me take they'r picture. I works 90% of the time.

 So we just reviewed LF, MF and now comes the little brother: 35mm.

I damn know that the camera doesn't matter, but some part of me stills wants to buy new camera every now and then. Inspired by Severil Koller ( ) I bought a Konica Hexar AF. I think this is my first good shot with it. It is so damn silent!
 My parents and my cousin came over to Berlin so I got some time to get used to my new friend :)

 Having a coffee with Enrico and Domi.
 And an amazing Berliner-style brunch with Michowsky :)
 And of course Llo and Klara, my always-ready-to-walk friends
 And of course... dogs....

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