lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

Summer again

This summer has been a pretty good one photographically speaking. I got to shoot tons of pictures, many of them in Valencia, my home town. My syster also got married again AND with the same guy. Happy months, happy memories and happy shooting.

I also finally got my developing times and technique right. I was getting such bad results that I almost gave up developing B&W myself but then I found the sacred equation: Xtol + distilled water = perfect results.

If your sister asks you to be the photographer at her wedding... RUN!

I think I have never been so nervous and sweat soooo much while taking pictures

Thank god the pictures turned out right.
Showing socks, common practice in Spain.

What do you do while she speaks... you take pictures.

Gentleladies during tea-time
This reminded me to some italian movie guy

And there is the beach, of course.

And there are the ugly buildings right in front of the sea

Some people cannot control themselves when they're hungry :)

Do you get electrocuted if you take a bath with your iPod?

Nice family meetings

And whenever I'm bored I let her do the modeling and I take some pictures :)

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