domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011


Diseño y concepto: Konstanze Luise Rafalski
Fotos: Eduardo Escarti
Modelo: Mira Hardt
Make-Up: Theo Schnürer

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Anónimo dijo...


Anónimo dijo...

Excelente trabajo! CFB voted!... Saludos :)

Edu dijo...

Gracias anónimo por tu Wow :D y gracias Paulo! Tu blog me encanta!

Andrés Victorero (AVR001) dijo...

Fantástico trabajo

Alexandre Miguel Maia dijo...

My favorite is the B/W portrait. Her expressions has something special. I think its the eyes again, they look truly have something to say. The arrangement of the shapes gives this image a really good balancing. Good work Eduardo. Looking forward to see more portrait work from you

Edu dijo...

Thanks Alenxandre, my favorite is probably the color portrait with the hat... Im glad you liked it. :D. Your blog is amazing, by the way.

C ya.

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